Tuesday, 25 November 2014

GP placement #2

Today was my second GP placement and it was so good!!

Because we have now done a bit of history taking and respiratory examination, I got to practice my new found skills on real patients! The best bit was that I actually managed to pick up coarse crackles on auscultation without being told they were there, needless to say the GP was quite impressed :D

The more I visit GP practices the more interested I become...you see such a variety and interesting collection of cases each day and get such a huge amount of patient contact. It is something that I'm considering much more now than I ever was before, however I'm aware that I have more than 4 years to make a decision so I'm sure I'll change my mind again!

We have nearly finished out second module already, which seems crazy considering it's only November! Thinking about how much I've learnt in this short 2 months just amazes me...credit to all the lecturers and facilitators!

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