Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Life is zooming past...

Wow! I've been so crazy busy that I haven't updated this blog for weeks!

So I had my first GP visit forever ago and have my second one next week (super excited).
The first one was great, the GP I was supposed to be with was off ill so I got re-assigned to another GP at the practice who turned out to be amazing! In the past on placements I have been placed in the corner and forgotten about but this time the GP made every effort to include me in the consultation and allowed me to practice ear examinations and some chest auscultation. Even though I hadn't yet been taught these skills, the GP explained them so well that I felt like I could actually see/hear what i was looking for and actually managed to find the wheeze in the patients chest...score!
The amazing thing about this GP visit was that every single patient (apart form maybe two) actually had the same diagnoses as our PBL topics! Because of this I felt like I could actually discuss the cases with the Dr without looking clueless- a big advantage!

Also since I last posted I have completed my first formative exam....and passed! :D Our exams are done as multiple choice questions (MCQs) and modified essay questions (MEQs) with the pass mark in both being set at 60%. I hadn't really known what to expect question or marking wise so came out of the exam feeling less than great about my performance, but after two weeks of waiting found out that I achieved 73% overall!
In my undergrad degree I would probably have been very happy about this, and still am but feel I could have achieved more if I'd looked at more of the diagrams in the lectures.
From this I've decided to stop writing up notes and have started typing them so I can copy+paste pictures in...hopefully this will help for my revision in this next module.

Time is just going so quickly at the moment, it's crazy to think I'm already halfway through my second module as a medic but I'm enjoying life so much that I'm not even thinking about it!

I hope people's GAMSAT scores were what they wanted, but if not, I know of at least 6 people on my course who had to sit it more than 5 times before they got what they needed - so don't be too disheartened!

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  1. Hey. Congrats on ur formative exam. Glaf everything is going well for u ☺