Tuesday, 2 September 2014

First Impressions.

Since my last post I have bought my car, sorted out my parking space and have found out my tutor, mentor and PBL and clinical skills groups! Everything's coming together so quickly!

So a bit about what I know so far... My PBL group is the only group with 7 members as opposed to 8 which I'm hoping wont affect how much work we have to do! One of the people in my group is a guy who I had met at the meet ups and I am so happy I'm with him as he is from a science background like me! Hurrah- someone to help me explain things to those who may not know!
Our clinical skills group contains 22 people so I'm unsure how that is going to work, whether we further divide ourselves or not but I'm sure the Uni have that all figured out.

Over the next two weeks my schedule is full of meet ups, BBQs and nights out to meet not only my year group but the 2nd years as well. Compared to my previous degree, I'm already amazed at the cohesion in our group and how helpful and willing to share information people are! This gives me great hope that we will all be great friends and work together to achieve our dream!

I can't wait to meet the full group and make some new friends. Lets just hope I make a good first impression! :)


  1. It's good to see you are so excited and eager to start. Hope u enjoy all the events you have lined up over the coming weeks. I will be started work as a hca very very soon. You got any advice?

    1. Hi Joanny, my best advice is just to always ask if you're not sure about something, if you have spare time then just chat to the patients and just remember that no matter how bad the shift seems, you'll have helped at least one person! Good luck :)