Saturday, 27 September 2014

Week Two Reflections

Having now finished my second week as a GEM student, I can safely say that I'm thoroughly enjoying the course so far! We successfully finished our first PBL case and got brilliant feedback from our facilitator on our ideas, organisation and team work- yay for group 11 :).

One of the core concepts of PBL is for the cases and questions that arise to trigger our curiosity and therefore make the learning experience less of a chore and more of an investigation into something that genuinely interests you. So far, this has worked really well... as we all discuss the case people come up with the most intriguing points that I may never have thought of myself. Even the non-science background members of the group who think they may be asking an obvious or stupid question often ask something which makes you realise how much you've actually forgotten! The variety of opinions, knowledge bases and ideas really does simulate the multi disciplinary team that we will all encounter within Medicine.

The only downside is the amount of money I've spent on events! Instead of choosing student friendly pubs and student nights at clubs the GEMs seem to go for the more upmarket (replace with expensive) places and so my funds are decreasing dramatically. I feel more HCA shifts may need to be done this year... although hopefully now that Fresher's is well and truly over it will calm down a bit!

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