Saturday, 13 September 2014

First week is over!

My first week as a medical student is finished and what a week! We have had so many introductions to modules, PBL (Problem Based Learning) and the library services it's unreal. Oh and not to forget the meet ups, nights out and fancy dress party...

I have now met the majority of my course mates and everyone seems lovely (obviously, or they probably wouldn't have a place...). Not only that but everyone is up for helping each other and explaining things without making the other person feel inferior. I have adopted three housemates and so already have a brilliant friendship circle and a place to stay after nights out- very handy! After three nights out I'm very used to sharing with one of the girls or slumming it on the sofa. Now that fresher's week is effectively over I think we will all settle down a bit and give my liver a much needed break! :)

Our course begins properly on Monday with our first workshops, lectures and PBL sessions, which I am very much looking forward to, despite still being a little unsure as to how exactly it is all going to work! I recently read a very good article on survival tips for PBL (12 tips to surviving PBL by Bate & Taylor, 2013) which was fully referenced and gave a number of brilliant ideas and things to ensure the group get the most out of each session. Trying my best to keep in mind all the tips and hope that the other 6 members of my group have read the same article. Both my group and facilitator seem very enthusiastic about the PBL section of the course and each member has come from a different background leaving us with a wide variety of strengths and expertise! The fact that we have agreed to bring cake every Friday makes it all seem 100x better aswell. I'm sure I will write much more about PBL once our sessions get underway!

The next time I post you will most likely have sat the GAMSAT so good luck and don't panic!

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