Sunday, 12 October 2014

Week Three.

Hey guys, I've been so busy I totally forgot to write a new post!
This week has been really busy both in uni and outside of it with two of my (new) friends birthdays happening this weekend! When they say Medics work hard and play harder, they're really not lying! I honestly don't think I even went out this much during my undergrad degree, but am glad that I can say that I'm not behind on any work because of it!

Our PBL cases for this week and last week have been really interesting and you can really tell that our group is getting the hang of PBL and what it requires. On the second day of each case we each present our specific topic relating to the first I thought this would be 2 hours of powerpoint presentations but it's been great! People have gotten really inventive with ways in which to teach and test the new information to the whole group, which is just credit to them really! :) We have also decided to do a quiz at the end of each case which was proven to be amazing to revision. Also helped by the fact that the girls win every week!

At the moment a lot of the work is still revision from my previous degree, but it's amazing how much you assume you know but realise you have actually forgotten whilst sat in the lectures! One of my favourite differences between my past degree and this one is how the lectures here relate everything (no matter how big or small) back to a clinical situation. It really helps to put into perspective why we are learning each point.

This week is our last week of teaching for module 1 before we have our first formative exam. Even though this exam doesn't count towards any actual grades I think it's great to be able to monitor our progress and hope that my hard work has been paying off! Even though we get a week to revise for this first exam (we never get this ever again) I've already started on my trusty A3 revision posters and spider diagrams. Considering how well these worked in my last two years of Medical Sci I'm hoping they still help me now! Fingers crossed!

Also this week is my first GP placement exciting?! I'm pretty much the last student to go on mine but still am unsure what exactly to expect. I'm quite timid when I first meet people so I need to make sure I put my confident face on and make the most of the afternoon instead of just sitting in the corner haha! Wish me luck and I'll try and write a post on what I learnt!

How are people's UCAS applications going? Almost time to send them off!

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  1. Been waiting for a new post. Glad to see you are getting the hang of things especially PBL. All the best for your formative exam. :)