Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Getting there slowly

All of my previous posts have been written on my iPad and it is only now that I'm using my laptop that I have seen how to actually put post titles! I'm afraid I'm very new to this blogging business and so apologize if there are any other obvious mistakes or things I'm missing!

The reason I'm actually using my laptop now is because I have (finally) sorted my room out and unpacked everything from university :D I think I previously mentioned that I was house hunting with a group of future coursemates, but since then I have decided to save money and live at home (I live very close to the campus I will be studying at). Due to this, I thought I would spend some time rearranging my room and sorting everything out to make it ready for September! I'm actually quite proud of how it looks right now as I have managed to arrange my desk and bookcase so I effectively have a little study corner with everything I need for revision/ university work separate from my bed etc.

This means I have also finally sorted all of my work from my Medical Sciences degree into folders ready for quick reference if need be in the coming year! I feel incredibly organised right now and can't wait to fill up my shelves and folders with work in September!

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