Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Preparation for Med

Even though I don't start my course until September I thought I should do something academic to keep my brain alive. Our course leader sent us a few anatomy links along with a science workbook to ensure all students bave the same basic knowledge. This is important as for my course ANY undergraduate degree was alllowed, so some students have graduated in drama or law, or have even been away from university for a number of years.

So there was me thinking, I just completed a degree in medical sciences, I must have enough basic knowledge - this workbook should be simple. How wrong was I? I've realised that as soon as you delve into more complex subjects, all the super simple cell organelle and chemistry stuff just disappears from your brain! Seriously, it's scary how much of this I really had to think about despite the fsct I could explain the anatomy and physiology of the kidney to you instantly.

This means that although I'm in a far better place than those students who have never done a science subject at a higher level, I still have more to look over than I thought. Back to the books for me...

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