Tuesday, 1 July 2014


A few introductions to start off with, my name is Isabelle and I am going to be a Graduate Entry Medical Student in September at Notts! I've just finished my degree in Medical Sciences and am eagerly anticipating Graduation! :) 

I love reading peoples blogs and so thought I'd have a go at writing my own about my journey through medical school. My posts most likely won't be very medically related until September but I will try to make them relevant! 

At present my life is taken up by my work as a Healthcare assistant plus enthusiastically adding future course mates on Facebook and trying to arrange meet ups/house viewings and generally being very exciting about whats to come! I fear my soon to be course mates think I'm majorly OTT and much too keen but I can't help it...  Plus my parents ordered my graduation present earlier- a hot pink stethoscope eeek! :D Everything feels likes it is finally real now! 

Thanks for reading, and I hope it gets more interesting :) x


  1. Hello

    Your blog is really nice so far.
    Where will you be living next year? Are allot of grad entry medics choosing to not live in uni halls?

  2. I'm currently house hunting! Yeah we were advised not to live in halls so four of my future coursemates and I are looking for a house :)